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Moving Deluxe RGB Laser Projector



Main Projector Head Unit

Power Cable

Power Adapter Supply

Security Kit

4" Extender

Outdoor Yard Stake

Flat Base Stand/Wall Mount

Remote Controller

Screw Set

Reusable Storage Box with Foam

Use provided thumb screw located in small zip lock baggies to secure arm to main projector head unit.

Loosen thumb screw to angle projector to desired setting.  Tighten thumb screw to secure projector at desired angle.

Screw on 4" extender to bottom of main projector head unit if desired.  Please note extender can be attached to outdoor yard stake or flat base stand.

Screw on yard stake if desired.

Screw on flat base stand/wall mount if desired.

Locate white rubber gasket inside zip lock baggy.

Carefully place rubber gasket onto small end of power cord.  This ensures a watertight seal.

Ensure rubber gasket is seated properly onto small end of power cord.

Connect small end of power cord to back of projector housing.  

Screw on watertight cap. 

Connect large end of power cord to power adapter.  Ensure it is connected properly using the notch index.  

Screw on watertight cap to ensure a proper seal on the power adapter supply.

Locate security lock attachment slot underneath the main projector head unit.  

Make sure security lock "T" is in vertical orientation to allow proper insertion into the attachment slot.

Rotate key to set "T" lock to horizontal or locked position.  Remove security key and store in a safe place.  Please make sure not to force the removal or insertion of the key into the lock.

Attach to tree, mailbox post or similiar to ensure added piece of mind.

Use provided three piece screw to set and flat base stand/wall mount if you wish to mount your projector to a tree, side of house etc.

Please note there are three mounting holes located on the flat base stand/wall mount.

To enable the included battery, please remove plastic tab located in battery compartment.


Ensure antenna is fully extended when using for best operating results


Pressing the desired button down for half to one full second can help transmit a better signal than pressing quickly


Removing the battery (A23 type) from the remote controller when not in use is recommended for optimal lifespan of the battery.


Operating range varies depending on several factors.  Remote controllers have a useable range of 8-30 feet.

Remote Controller Operation


With the main projector head unit plugged into power, you can use the POWER ON/OFF button to turn the projector on or off.


Use the COLOR SELECTION buttons to turn on/off the desired color.


Press the DISPLAY PATTERN SELECT button to cycle through the three operating modes.  Patterns, Xmas Images, Halloween Images.  Please note there can be up to a 5 second delay when switching between operating modes.  


There are three movement speeds.  Slow movement, fast movement and stopped (static) speeds.  Use the MOVEMENT SLOWER/FASTER buttons to cycle between these operating speeds while in any of the three operating modes.  All operating modes have six designs or images.  The projector will transition between designs or images every 2-5 seconds depending on speed selected.  If you wish to cancel the transition mode and just have one design or image permanently displaying, press the STOP button.  To enable the transition mode, press the STOP button again.  


Please note you can have just one design or image displaying in static (non-moving) mode or with movement.  With the transtioning stopped, simply select the MOVEMENT SLOWER/FASTER to have just that one selected pattern or image move.


To enable the timer interval function, press the INTERVAL TIMER SET button once.  Ensure lasers flash a few times to indicate they have received the signal.  Next, press the HOUR SELECTION button of your liking.  Again, make sure lasers flash to indicate it has received the signal.  The interval timer should now be set.  The internval timer is on a 24 hour cycle.  So if you selected the "4h" button, the projector will stay on for four hours at the time it was set, and then turn off for 20 hours.  The following day, it will turn on at the original set time.  Please note there may be some varience +/- a few minutes.  We recommend resetting the interval timer function every 7 days to ensure most accurate start times.  


It is also safe to use your own provided timer if available and easier for you.  But please make sure to allow the laser to be turned off and allowed to cool down for 30 minutes for every 6 hours of continous use.


To disable the interval timer, simply press the INTERVAL TIMER CANCEL once.  Please make sure lasers flash to indicate signal was received.  You can also unplug the projector from power which will erase all interval timer settings.


Press the COLOR ALTERNATE/FLASH button to have all the lasers and operating mode selected flash in random sequence for a great effect!


Press the EXIT button to reset unit to factory defaults.  You can also unplug the projector from power to reset settings.