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What's new in the 2019 Lineup?

Do we carry a white laser projector?

Why choose our brand of projectors?

What are the functions of the included remote controller?

How can I secure my laser projector?

Can I use a standard outdoor wall outlet timer?

What colors do our lasers come in?

Do we offer moving lasers?

How far can you connect via Bluetooth to play back music through the projector?

How many will I need to cover my house?

Which color is the brightest?

Can they only be used for Christmas lighting?

Are the colors interchangable?

How well do the lasers appear when used with traditional lighting?

Can our projectors be hard wired to an exisiting lighting setup?

Are our lasers waterproof?

What temperatures outdoors can our laser projectors handle?

What is included with each laser purchase?

Are the lasers dangerous?

What is the return policy?

How do you ship?

Do you have 240v power adapters for countries outside the USA?

Do you offer wholesale?

Do we sell refurbished units?

Is sales tax included?