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FAQ - Full Spectrum White Laser Projector

Why did it take so long to produce a white diffracted laser projector?

Unlike white LED (light emitting diode) lights commonly found on most Christmas lighting, white LASER lighting is completely different in how it behaves and responds to diffraction.  All our previous models are running through diffraction grating class splitting a single laser beam down into thousands of dots of color.  To produce a white laser, we had to combine three separate laser colors and project them together.  Red, Green and Blue all must project together to produce white.  The issue that arose was that the moment you project a three beam (white laser) through diffraction glass, the individual colors of the beam are broken back down leaving just red, green and blue to display. 

This was the major hold up that our engineering team had to overcome over the past few years to figure out a way to diffract the white laser down into hundreds of dots without breaking the beam colors down themselves.  After hundreds of hours of research and design, countless prototypes and loss of patience, our team has finally figured out a way to bring this very asked about color to market.

Does any other brand carry a white diffracted laser?

From our research, we are currently the only brand to offer a full spectrum white laser Christmas lights.

What colors will it display?

Our full spectrum white laser will project one of seven colors.  Colors include WHITE, YELLOW, PINK, TEAL, RED, GREEN and BLUE.  Only one color can be displayed at a time.  Please note to produce a white laser, three separate lasers must merge together and project in line with one another.  RGB - Red, Green and Blue produce White.  Because of this, sometimes you may see a little coloring around the perimeter of the laser dots.  This is typically only noticeable when setting the projector at distances over 15 feet.  For best results, place the projector 15ft or less from the surface it is displaying onto.  Placing the projector past 15ft can cause the individual colors to separate producing a dual or tri color dots.

Do the laser dots move?

Using the provided remote controller, you can enable the motion setting to have the laser dots move at slow, fast or stopped (static) speeds.

What are the display modes?

Display modes are new and exclusive to our full spectrum white model.  Use the included remote controller if you wish to enable one of the four display modes.

Chasing Mode - Switches from one color to the next every two seconds

Pulse Mode     - Slowly fades in and out of the same color every 25 seconds

Fade Mode      - Slowly fades in and out from one color to the next every three seconds

Twinkle Mode - Transition from one color to the next without fading

 Are there just as many dots as our previous models?

Due to the complexity of diffracted white lasers and the method to execute the effect, our white laser model has close to one thousand points of colors.   The dots are brighter and have a farther reach than our other models enabling you to reach the highest of treetops or buildings.

What is included with each full spectrum white laser package? 

-Main projector body

-Quick adjustment bracket

-Remote Controller

-Yard Stake

-Indoor Base Stand/Wall Mount Plate

-Power Cable

-Power Supply (120V US Standard - 220-240V UK, EU and AU Adapters available upon request) Mounting Hardware


Sometimes, your remote may be distracted, not able to control the lights, 

here is how to resync the lights: 


Unplug lights, take battery out and then put it back,

Plug lights back, immediately press and hold power close by while pointing to the lights until the lights flashes and turning off,

And then try to turn it back on, make sure close by point to lights, repeat if needed