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Thank you!

We wanted to thank everyone for their patience with us regarding this past holiday season.  We know how tough it was to obtain one of our models during this time and we do apologize for this.  This demand became apparent to us on November 1st when we sold over 1,500 units in under 3 minutes of going live.

Demand for our laser projectors has been 10x what is normally is for us.  We are tooling up to increase our production speed from 10k units/month to 50k/per month to handle the increased demand for the 2016 year.  Since 2009, we strive to set the quality standard in outdoor laser diffraction technology and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

We appreciate everyone's kind words found on multiple forums and online groups,  picture posts to our Facebook page and the endless email inquiries that filled up our inbox daily.

We anticipate a very busy 2016 year ahead.  We have been contacted by Disney® Corporation who are interested in having our models illuminate many of their theme parks across the country!  As well as many interested distributors in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous 2016! 

- Laser Christmas Lights Team -